Trabaldo Togna 1840 - Estrato, Super 130’s - Bioelastic system 




This is a project that has become a philosophy, the perfect synthesis that combines nature, content and performance. 
Textile evolution, as always, aims at meeting the demands of a daily life that, through time has experienced considerable improvements in terms of quality. From this estrato’ has been generated. It may be considered as the latest generation in the evolution of two plies warp and weft fabrics, in that it inherits all the characteristics typical of the textile production. 
Most notably it highlights and improves the elasticity of the fibre without making use of synthetic elements.



David & John Anderson 2005 Collection 


Our 2005 collection futures the most extensive ready selection of supreme shirting fabrics: 200/2 - 200/2, woven with the finest Egyptian cotton yarn and super fine 100 % linen. Available in 40 designs and vibrant shades.





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