Men, who strive to be the best, should not expect any less from their shirts.

We cover the widest spectrum of Bright, flamboyant and colourful fabrics and designs made in 100% cottons & 100% Linens. Our range consists of solid shades in plain and twill weaves as well as checks and stripes in white- and colour-based designs to provide an excellent feel and softness and have enhanced brilliance of colour, better strength and durability and clearer definition of design.

Our collection always remembers the traditional and rich structures of the best shirting fabrics that distinguish the “Made in Italy” label. We can proudly claim that we store the most beautiful and elegant shirting fabrics in this region.



Silverline by Thomas Mason is a selection of classic two fold cotton shirtings, produced in the best tradition of fine English cloth. The combination of a special twist given to the fine yarns, plus the traditional pure finishing method, confers a special luster and softness, characteristics which make Silverline fabrics quite unique in their class. Silverline shirtings make their resultant garments stand apart; defining their style, enhancing their excellence, and ensuring the highest quality of the end product.

Goldline by Thomas Mason recognizes the significant advances in weaving technology which are enabling ever finer results.
The Goldline range in 2/140s utilizes the finest of long staple Egyptian Giza cottons which are spun in Switzerland. The closest controls at all levels, and the special finishing methods which have been developed for these qualities, all ensure a fabric which is quite unique in appearance, handle, and performance.
The Goldline qualities variously explore the subtleties possible through 2/140s yarn, and the design direction encompasses the timeless elements of refined classicism.

David & John Anderson - A vast offer of the widest variety of stocked designs in the world at the top end of fabric quality.
A range of fabrics made from superfine 170/2 and 200/2 Giza 45 for cotton, 46/1 for linen, the finest yarn sizes technically achievable. This collection is the reference point for fabrics of the highest quality.
In our research of exclusive yarns, the 2005 edition has been enriched with a section of rare guaranteed authentic Sea Island cotton fabrics, in 120/2.









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